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Expo Flor Ecuador 2022 opens its doors with an eye on strengthening the flower sector

Updated: Apr 8

  • The Ecuadorian flower sector has welcomed more than 2,000 flower buyers from 42 countries around the world during its flower show this year.

  • The fair began October 5 at the Quito Metropolitan Convention Center (Bicentennial Park), beginning at 11:00 am.

  • Over 2,000 visitors are expected to attend, a jump from the last show in 2018 which had 1,652 visitors.

Quito, October 2022.

The Ecuadorian National Association of Flower Producers and Exporters (Expoflores) is hosting the most important flower Expo for Ecuador.

Four years have gone by since the last show, and Expo Flor Ecuador 2022 has hit the ground running with more than 106 flower growers, 105 exhibits of the best Ecuadorian flowers and more than 2,000 buyers visiting from 42 countries.

The Expo is being held at the Metropolitan Convention Center of Quito, located in the Bicentennial Park (former Mariscal Sucre airport), from 11:00 in the morning onward during October 5 - 7.

“The Expo’s main objective this year is to generate business for the sector and the Ecuadorian economy as well as to strengthen our connections with markets that buy our flowers where we’ve had long-standing business relationships. We also want to show the Ecuadorian Government that we, as a sector, remain committed to the development of the country. In the flower industry, we promote sustainable and highly technical processes, with an increasingly professional workforce. The result, world-class high-quality flowers. However, to make that happen, we need to reinforce public policies that will support, protect and promote the flower sector in the country”, explains Alejandro Martínez, Executive President of Expoflores.

Some of the main things the sector is looking for are greater flexibility in terms of working hours, professionalization, security and protection, greater incentives for formal farms, the implementation of a differentiated policy on imports to balance the logistics costs of shipments, and more commercial agreements.

Guillermo Bustamante, president of the Expoflores Board of Directors mentions that "Behind this magnificent sector, there is an immense amount of work put in. Every day, more than 80,000 people, mainly from the rural areas surrounding the sectors where the flower farms are located, come to farms to work. Because of their efforts, they gain the immense satisfaction of providing a decent livelihood for their family”.

Notably, the flower sector is one of the most important exports for the country, taking the fifth place from the top among national exports. It’s also one of the most important in agricultural sector, even more than the shrimp. One hectare of flowers contributes between USD 280,000 and USD 360,000 to the GDP, while shrimp generates between USD 17,000 and USD 18,000 per hectare.

Expo Flor 2022 also announced important news for the sustainable development of the country. Expoflores has taken massive action towards creating carbon- neutrality on its farms, which is a milestone in the Ecuadorian flower industry and in the agricultural sector. The goal is to certify 100% of its farms by 2030, becoming a completely carbon neutral sector.

By doing so, Expoflores upholds its commitment to the country to promote economic, social and environmental development. The initiative also demonstrates the sector’s commitment to the Ecuadorian Government to support public policies related to productivity in the context of growing demands for environmental and social protection as well as incentives for the flower sector.

About Expoflores

The Ecuadorian National Association of Flower Producers and Exporters, Expoflores, was founded in 1984 in order to bring together and support the flower sector in the country through trade union representation and services to deliver added value of the Ecuadorian flower in the market.

Our objective is to represent the Ecuadorian flower sector and respond to the needs of our partners, through fast and effective services. We strive to be a solid and organized institution, recognized nationally and internationally to bring together 100% of the actors in the Ecuadorian flower sector in order to provide excellent services as well as promote social and environmental responsibility among our members.

Expoflores Press Office

Taktikee Communication Consultants

Gabriela Montenegro / Cristina Cacuango /

Telephones: (593) 2 6002006 /7/8/9

Cell: 099 718 7320


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